mardi 6 août 2013

B'day & more ~

Long time no see !

On 08/04 it's was my b'day so I want to show you the gift from my GF

WTF she has a d**k o_O !?
Yeah, it's also a new Nendo'from Queen's Blade (I don't like the Anime but I like some characters).

Oh I forgot a thing !

On July, I do some things with my GF like do some shopping to help her in gyaru and go to the sea...

The weather in the North of France isn't cold but we have cold water haha !
Kawaii desu~ ne !?    

Lot of fun with her <3

On September, I will go to TOKYO CRAZY KAWAII and I think It will be very fun because we will see...BLACK DIAMOND !!

I hope that I will see some gaijin gyaru in that event like the french circle Diamond Rose or maybe the Gyarunity circle and Sweet Revenge circle  (⌒▽⌒) .


I always have some difficulties to had some articles in my blog, so if you have some ideas or maybe if you want a cover from a song, hair tutorial, questions...Don't hesitate !!

Stay tuned and just be yourself (≧∇≦).

Love love love

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