mercredi 10 juillet 2013

Japan Expo & More

Hi all

A little post about my trip to Japan Expo, I couldn't go to the first french meeting in Paris so I go to Japan Expo to see NIGHTMARE, a fuckin' great band (Hitsugi <3, Yomi <3). If I don't see some gyaru in Japan Expo, I pray to see more at TOKYO CRAZY KAWAII on September !

A little picture of my outfit~

Oh...I just want to do a little review about the live of NIGHTMARE in the J.E live house. It was awesome, some great songs like Vermillion (I want to do a cover of this one), Raison d'être, Alumina and The World. I think that Hitsugi is a great showman and I like his guitar with his laser beam haha ! (Yeah I'm very fond of him !)

The man~

Goodies and live pick~

Japan Expo was also great and when I go in, I buy some sweets and some nendoroids !

My little family

Hatsune is so cute and the BLACK ROCK SHOOTER nendo' too ! 

To finish my little post, today I received a new shirt from CavariA and I love it <3 !

It's finish for today, stay tuned~

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  1. HaHa Hitsugi & Yomi's Kiss =P
    I really hope that we'll be able to go to Tokyo Crazy Kawaii... Maybe I'll wear my first gyaru outfit.
    ♥ U