mardi 11 juin 2013

New shirt & new cover.

Hi all, It's difficult too know if my blog is good or not because we don't know what you wan't to see and for my point of view I think that I only want to post what I want so tell my if you don't like it or if you like it.


New shirt from my darling <3

I find this one in a motorcycle show haha, and I love it ! This day was great too because we see a lot of motorbike...I want my motorbike licences and a bobbers (°_°) !


At the moment I need to work on my competitive exam because I want to be a teacher, yeah I know that we you see me you say "Hmm, what the fuck !? You a teacher !?" I don't know why but I think that I can follow my style and be a "simple man" when I work...


Today, A new cover from the GazettE, I really like this band, especially Ruki & Aoi !


Stay tuned, and don't forget to be what you want to be !

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