jeudi 15 août 2013

New covers & new outfit ~

Hi hi guys,

I hope you are well in this Summer !

Me !? Well, It's been maybe two weeks that I didn't see my girlfriend because she is in holidays with her parents =(...
Yeah too bad because I work, but I will see her in the last week of August !

So...Why I do this article...Hmmm well I want to show you a new little outfit with a sort of "hakama" from Jiggy-shop ! Yeah I love this shop and I already buy a new shirt to have a new outfit for the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii.

Front side

My hair !?
Well, do you like MUSIC !? Like you can see, I love the GazettE, Ruki's voice is so sweet and beautiful ! And, and Aoi haha ! Okey, let's do Music, don't hesitate to comment, to like or anything you want.

Bye, bye huhu ~

mardi 6 août 2013

B'day & more ~

Long time no see !

On 08/04 it's was my b'day so I want to show you the gift from my GF

WTF she has a d**k o_O !?
Yeah, it's also a new Nendo'from Queen's Blade (I don't like the Anime but I like some characters).

Oh I forgot a thing !

On July, I do some things with my GF like do some shopping to help her in gyaru and go to the sea...

The weather in the North of France isn't cold but we have cold water haha !
Kawaii desu~ ne !?    

Lot of fun with her <3

On September, I will go to TOKYO CRAZY KAWAII and I think It will be very fun because we will see...BLACK DIAMOND !!

I hope that I will see some gaijin gyaru in that event like the french circle Diamond Rose or maybe the Gyarunity circle and Sweet Revenge circle  (⌒▽⌒) .


I always have some difficulties to had some articles in my blog, so if you have some ideas or maybe if you want a cover from a song, hair tutorial, questions...Don't hesitate !!

Stay tuned and just be yourself (≧∇≦).

Love love love

mercredi 10 juillet 2013

Japan Expo & More

Hi all

A little post about my trip to Japan Expo, I couldn't go to the first french meeting in Paris so I go to Japan Expo to see NIGHTMARE, a fuckin' great band (Hitsugi <3, Yomi <3). If I don't see some gyaru in Japan Expo, I pray to see more at TOKYO CRAZY KAWAII on September !

A little picture of my outfit~

Oh...I just want to do a little review about the live of NIGHTMARE in the J.E live house. It was awesome, some great songs like Vermillion (I want to do a cover of this one), Raison d'être, Alumina and The World. I think that Hitsugi is a great showman and I like his guitar with his laser beam haha ! (Yeah I'm very fond of him !)

The man~

Goodies and live pick~

Japan Expo was also great and when I go in, I buy some sweets and some nendoroids !

My little family

Hatsune is so cute and the BLACK ROCK SHOOTER nendo' too ! 

To finish my little post, today I received a new shirt from CavariA and I love it <3 !

It's finish for today, stay tuned~

dimanche 23 juin 2013

Cut,cut my hair & news (^ω^)

Hi boys & girls (⌒▽⌒) !

The last week I cutted my hair in M Innovation,I love this hairstyler because he always do what I want haha !

Another thing...I finish my competitive exam and my years so now I'm waiting for the result (°_°) ! Oh and I go to JAPAN EXPO on Sunday to see NIGHTMARE and so on I pray to see some gyarus (^ω^)!

It's finish for today,now I'm waiting to an attraction park for today with my darling <3 (yeah she's sleeping now,Wake up ! (≧∇≦))

When she plays with my hair ~ 

mardi 11 juin 2013

New shirt & new cover.

Hi all, It's difficult too know if my blog is good or not because we don't know what you wan't to see and for my point of view I think that I only want to post what I want so tell my if you don't like it or if you like it.


New shirt from my darling <3

I find this one in a motorcycle show haha, and I love it ! This day was great too because we see a lot of motorbike...I want my motorbike licences and a bobbers (°_°) !


At the moment I need to work on my competitive exam because I want to be a teacher, yeah I know that we you see me you say "Hmm, what the fuck !? You a teacher !?" I don't know why but I think that I can follow my style and be a "simple man" when I work...


Today, A new cover from the GazettE, I really like this band, especially Ruki & Aoi !


Stay tuned, and don't forget to be what you want to be !