jeudi 15 août 2013

New covers & new outfit ~

Hi hi guys,

I hope you are well in this Summer !

Me !? Well, It's been maybe two weeks that I didn't see my girlfriend because she is in holidays with her parents =(...
Yeah too bad because I work, but I will see her in the last week of August !

So...Why I do this article...Hmmm well I want to show you a new little outfit with a sort of "hakama" from Jiggy-shop ! Yeah I love this shop and I already buy a new shirt to have a new outfit for the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii.

Front side

My hair !?
Well, do you like MUSIC !? Like you can see, I love the GazettE, Ruki's voice is so sweet and beautiful ! And, and Aoi haha ! Okey, let's do Music, don't hesitate to comment, to like or anything you want.

Bye, bye huhu ~

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