mardi 28 mai 2013

26/05/13 Outfit

Hii Everyone ...

My name is Maru and this is my first blog on blogspot ! This blog will be always in english, don't hesitate to comment !

Time for the first post hey hey ! 

I'll show you my outfit of the last Sunday ... Please Like It (thank's to my darling for the picture <3)

I made this outfit, because I just received my package from Japonicamarket (Shopping Service) and I really needed to try my new clothes ! I bought a Diavlo Belt and a Rubik Shirt.

Outfit Random

 Shirt : Rubik

Vest : CavariA
Bottom : Jiggy Shop
Belt : Diavlo
Shoes : Offbrand

I love this new belt and this new shirt ! Maybe you can't see it but in the shirt we can see some leopard skins haha.

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